Michigan Conservatives Meet in Lansing

April 30, 2013

The Michigan Conservative Union will host the third-annual Michigan Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this Saturday.

From their website, MichiganConservativeUnion.com: “We’ll have another great lineup of speakers and panelists; legislators, scholars and grassroots activists alike, all working under the banner of the conservative cause. MI-CPAC will cover a wide range of topics important to the conservative movement in Michigan.”

According to the Eventbrite page, the stated “goal is to put together the top conservative activists [and] leaders with the top conservative academics, think tanks and business leaders for a most excellent day of networking and learning. Our movement has unprecedented width with thousands of great activists, as we saw with more than 60,000 volunteer hours to pass Labor Freedom laws that were signed 12/11/12 and went into effect 3/28/13. We need more depth. More trained leadership. A common measuring stick of what is conservative and what our priorities will be. And we need to strategize.”

Foster Friess, an American investor and Rick Santorum (R-PA) 2012 presidential campaign supporter, is the keynote speaker.

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CPAC 2013: New Venue, Renewed Focus

March 16, 2013

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Republicans Need New Blood

February 28, 2013

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Michigan GOP Elects New Leaders at State Convention

February 28, 2013

On the heels of the rather disappointing 2012 fall elections, Michigan Republicans met this weekend to determine internal leadership posts, namely: state chair, co-chair, and six vice-chairs.

Friday evening, delegates settled into their new districts – congressional lines were redrawn according to the last census data, which eliminated one seat – for the purpose of electing a district chair and members of the state committee. Each position carries a two-year term.

Bright and early Saturday morning the general session convened. Governor Rick Snyder provided opening remarks, indicating that the next cycle could be as successful as 2010 if the GOP is able to thwart the Democrats’ right-to-work revenge maneuvers.

Final results were not announced until after 2:00 pm. By that point many attendees had departed, opting to get a head start toward home, which, for some, meant driving upwards of ten hours. (The Upper Peninsula is quite a ways away from Lansing!)

The battle for state chair captured the spotlight. Not since 1977 had there been a contested race at this biannual gathering. Incumbent Bobby Schostak successfully fended off a stiff challenge from Todd Courser, a recent State Board of Education nominee, 52-48%.

Republicans assembled elected the following individuals to lead the way:


Bobby Schostak, Chair

Sharon Wise, Co-Chair

Victor Diaz, Coalitions Vice-Chair

Kelly Mitchell, Outreach Vice-Chair

Nick Hawatmeh, Grassroots Vice-Chair

Linda Lee Tarver, Ethnic Vice-Chair

David Wolkinson, Administrative Vice-Chair

Blake Edmonds, Youth Vice-Chair


Meanwhile, Michigan Democrats held their convention in Detroit. Lon Johnson, a failed legislative candidate and private equity manager, replaced long-time leftist leader Mark Brewer.

Super Bowl XLVII: 49ers Top Ravens

February 3, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII features two terrific teams. We have heard the visible story lines for two weeks, i.e. the Harbaugh brothers, veteran LB Ray Lewis and first-year starting QB Colin Kaepernick. Let us quickly examine the essential facets of the matchup.

Each appeared in their respective conference championship last season, was favored to repeat as division kings, and won at least one road playoff contest. That said, neither quite lived up to expectations – until now. The Ravens (10-6, 3-0) were not supposed to lose to the Bengals and get blown out by Denver. San Francisco (11-4-1, 2-0), while earning a first-round bye, dropped nearly five games.  But nevertheless, both sides overcame adversity and here we are.

Baltimore’s defense is better than they have performed throughout the campaign, although they did shutdown the Patriots in the AFC crown battle. Like it or not Joe Flacco is capable of leading this group to glory. He is five-for-five in postseason qualification. (This guy is tough to beat.) Plus Ray Rice is there for moral support. If the Ravens are going to win tonight, they must show up defensively… seriously. Baltimore cannot afford a lackluster first-half and expect to win. Facing an early deficit of more than ten could prove too much. Simply put their weapons are not as potent as the opposition’s. We shall see whether remnants of the 2000 Ravens or the October 2012 defense rears its head. It will be evident soon after kickoff.

The 49ers have been a bit more consistent defensively; however, it is certainly not a given. There are many young, talented players in key positions, such as LB Aldon Smith. The real question remains: Can the offense boast another outstanding outing against a quality opponent? Their upstart quarterback must run the ball beyond his heart’s content. RB Frank Gore is an integral component of the offensive scheme as well. San Francisco will have to score several times if they are to offset inevitable miscues/explosive plays by the other guys. (Just ask Peyton Manning.) We shall find out whether a collection of sheer football skill will outweigh on-field inexperience or not. It will make the difference.

Prediction: the NFC claims victory for the fourth consecutive time, as youthful Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers celebrate in New Orleans following a competitive yet controlled clash.

San Francisco 34, Baltimore 23

School Choice is the Right Choice

February 3, 2013

Think our cookie-cutter education system is outdated? Support private vouchers and charter programs? Know about National School Choice Week?

According to SchoolChoiceWeek.com, ‘‘The point of National School Choice Week is to provide a concentrated focus for our mission – effective education options for every child – a time for the media and the public to hear our resounding message and a time to bring new voices to the chorus.’’

This year, coordinated events were hosted from coast to coast January 27 through February 2. Learn how to join the fight for commonsense classroom solutions by visiting their website today.


2/28 Update: The Alabama state legislature passed a bill that would provide a tax incentive to allow parents to transfer their children from failing to higher-performing public or private schools. Governor Robert Bentley (R-AL) is expected to sign the groundbreaking measure into law.

Michigan’s Pro-Life Youth March for Life

February 3, 2013

Washington, D. C. – The 40th Annual March for Life, a national rally of pro-life activists featuring a March along the National Mall ending at the U.S. Supreme Court, was held Friday, January 25. Over 400,000 Americans sacrificed to speak up for the voiceless: about the same amount of attendees at the president’s second inaugural ceremony. Mainstream media outlets overwhelmingly opted to report the latter and not the former.

Because of the landmark judicial rulings in Roe vs. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton – both issued this month, year 1973 – more than 55,000,000 unborn American children have unjustly perished.

Pro-life youth from across the country, including two busloads of Michigan college students, traveled to our nation’s capital. Students for Life of Michigan, a statewide organization committed to promoting a culture of life on college campuses across the Great Lakes State, assisted the massive activism effort. Their mission is to end abortion by recruiting and training students for pro-life leadership, educating youth on life issues and pregnancy resources, and networking students within their communities to strengthen their impact.

In addition to the March, young activists had an opportunity to network with thousands of abortion abolitionists at the sold-out Students for Life of America National Conference, where they participated in sessions on activism, training and education led by prominent individuals such as Father Frank Pavone and Star Parker.

The pro-life movement is making exceptional gains among the Millennial generation. Just prior to her resignation in 2012, NARAL Pro-Choice America President Nancy Keegan told Newsweek that there is a large “intensity gap” among young people on the subject of abortion. An internal poll by NARAL shows that 51% of pro-life young people see abortion as an important electoral issue, while only 20% of pro-choice young people feel the same way.


Young Professionals for Life of Michigan, a networking outlet dedicated to advancing the pro-life cause amongst recent graduates and colleagues, contributed to this news update.